Our business is all about assisting your business with your immediate financial needs.

Talk to us in confidence about your current bridging loan requirements. Providing bespoke bridging loans is what we do best.

BBFC Bridging Finance specialises in providing the short to medium term bridging loan you need right now. We also offer any property related finance be it short, medium or long term. We offer a quick and easy way to raise finance for any residential or commercial property development project. We have significant funds readily available so talk to us first about your requirements. For a fast, friendly and immediate decision contact us today. We have over 30 years experience as principals & syndicators in all types of lending in the UK and internationally. We offer bridging, business, development, mezzanine and equity finance. We finance all property types using real estate and alternative asset options as security. We also have an in-house Consultancy Service for professional guidance on all aspects of property transactions.

We ensure the best possibility of securing funding for you even when your applications for funding have been declined by other lenders.

We can provide you with a tailored bridging loan in order to:

  • – Help you meet transaction deadlines
  • – Allow you to borrow against asset value
  • – Obtain finance more quickly and with less hassle
  • – Raise finance for your new or existing business
  • – Allow you to raise additional capital by securing the debt against various assets
  • – Provide funding for a development property in order to obtain a conventional mortgage

Most lenders have a set list of criteria that the borrower has to meet in order to receive funding. BBFC Bridging Finance looks further than that.

Our aim is to also assist entrepreneurs and developers with their property assets and development projects.

Whilst we are happy to assist with vanilla cases, we are often confronted with more complex situations where we think imaginatively and find a way to restructure your portfolio so that funding can be provided.

BBFC provides a fast, efficient, solution-based approach to meet your funding requirements. We deliver what you need, when you need it and structure the whole process to suit you.

Product Guide Status and Non Status Loans
Acceptable Security Freehold or Leasehold, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Leisure
Secondary Acceptable Security Art, Antiques, Diamonds, Stamps, Insurance Policies and Motor Cars
Maximum Loan To Value 75% (Greater Loans to Value’s Considered)
Minimum Advance £50 000
Maximum Advance No Limit
Minimum Term (Months) Normally 1 Month. Overnight bridges available
Maximum Term (Months) Negotiable
Valuation / Admin Fee Negotiable
Valuation / Legal Fees Negotiable and payable by the borrower directly with the Valuer / Solicitor
Interest and Fee Roll Up Facility Subject to LTV (Loan to Value ratio)

If you would like to apply for BBFC Bridging Finance please fill out our Application Form