The CBD market is experiencing rapid growth and expansion and the sector is growing in popularity as the public learn to appreciate and understand the benefits of CBD products in a constantly evolving market.

CBD is one of the hundred and thirty cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant. The ingredient is being credited with a growing list of health benefits and, as a result, companies from virtually every consumable category, including beverages, dietary supplements, skin care and pet products, are actively exploring business in the market.

The trends also indicate that global direct selling sales of CBD products could exceed $1 billion by 2020. Established companies as well as a growing number of start-ups have begun announcing their entry into the market.

Many businesses involved in this market are uncertain of their legal situation, what is banned and what is under discussion. Many companies are start ups and need guiding through the myriad of conflicting regulatory issues and are often faced with uncertainty as their clever business ideas outgrow their funding or management skills.

BBFC can assist in strategising and planning with management to maximise the benefits and opportunities available in the exciting young market.


Current market value is circa £60 million, 2019 is expected to be £176 million
Average retail spend is £40.00 per month. The current market worth of Cannabis in UK is thought to be £2.5bn with potential tax revenues of £1bn


Europe’s CBD market was estimated at $318m in 2018 and is tipped to rise to $416m in 2019
CBD is then expected to grow to nearly $1.7bn by 2023


The CBD industry is expected to be worth $2 billion by 2022
The USA market is primed for expansive growth in three equal sectors expected to be split between – hemp
derived CBD / marijuana derived CBD / pharmaceutical CBD, with $450 million from hemp based sources
that’s a 700% increase from 2016

Background to CBD

Cannabis has been used as a medicinal plant since records began. The use of medicinal cannabis declined as opiates became more widespread. The different health conditions that cannabis can help with and all of the different benefits sounds almost too good to be true. It also raises the question as to how can medical Cannabis can help so many conditions without any dangerous side effects. The human endoCannabinoid system safeguards the bodies biochemical balance on a cellular level, promoting health and balance physiologically. Some people need a little help to maintain their balance or their endoCannabinoid may not be functioning properly at its optimal level. This can be addressed by giving the correct dosage of cannabis from the plant.